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Bosnia and Herzegovina - Green Park

Autocamp Green Park is located on the banks of the clear icy Neretva River, 20 km south of the breathtaking ancient center of Mostar and only about an hour from the sea. Due to the fact that part of our extended family comes from Bosnia, we fell in love with this place and if you want to admire the beauties of the southern countries on the road, we highly recommend a visit. Excellent coffee in jazz, nice people, unbridled nature and a varied cultural experience. The camp is perfect for a several-day stop on the way from the sea to Sarajevo. In addition to Mostar, you can explore the nearby national parks Hutovo Blato, Blidinje and other interesting places in the area.

About the camp

It is clear at the camp that the owners take care of it with love. You can see it on the flowers, the sitting area, nice places, literally every detail. The added value, especially for children, is that some architectural elements are a bit like a castle. Life is beating in the camp, its heart is undoubtedly a great restaurant with local Balkan cuisine. The social background of the camp is perfectly clean. But most importantly, the kind and helpful attitude of the owners, who make sure that you like it here and that you want to come back.

There is a bridge for cars near the camp and sometimes a train passes by at night. You have to reckon with that a bit so that you don't be surprised.

You can find out all information about the camp on Facebook or on this website:

Camping equipment

Camp facilities:

Camping sites are both overlooking the river and a short distance from the Neretva. The individual plots are not separated from each other. The place has lush nature and mature trees. Some sites have a wooden seating area or a solid grill nearby, which invites you to grill charcoal fish.

The main building of the camp will welcome you in the style of a large castle. There is a spacious beautiful and clean bathroom and modern, tasteful sanitary facilities. Kayak rental is available, including safety equipment and mountain bikes. You can play beach volleyball on the small sandy court.

The dominant feature of the camp is an excellent restaurant with a large terrace and barbecue. The camp has a great atmosphere mainly thanks to the nice and friendly staff.

Activities for children:

There are plenty of opportunities for children to play and they like it here. Popular activities include riding a copper and a wild bull, there is also a small playground with a swing, trampoline, slide near the garden of the outdoor restaurant.


The most beautiful trips and tips in the area

Bosnia Ciro Trail

If you are already a big athlete with big children, the Bosnia Ciro Trail (140km) from Dubrovnik to Mostar (and further towards Sarajevo) promises an open-air museum. The trail follows in the footsteps of the defunct railway.



From the camp you can get to Mostar (18.5 km) along the bike path and you can do it with children, who are used to going on longer bike trips, because it is flat.


Kravica waterfalls


Hutovo Blato National Park


Nature Park - Lake Blidinje


Culinary tips in the area

The camp has an excellent restaurant. Definitely worth a taste of jazz coffee. After all, you can also buy this and at the same time buy fresh, very finely ground coffee in Mostar.

Then all you need is fire, sugar and the best video recipe, which you can find here:


Where to eat outside the camp? We will give you some guaranteed tips for excellent food outside the camp.

Tima Irma Mostar

You will definitely not make a mistake in this outdoor barbecue restaurant. The best chevapi and other grilled specialties far and wide. More information and photos can be found here:


Restoran Šadrvan (The Fountain Shelter)

Excellent restaurant with local specialties served literally on "royal" plates. Definitely worth a visit. Information on Facebook:

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