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Czech Republic - Kemp u Kukačků

In the northern part of the Lipno dam, a short distance from the border of the Šumava National Park, there is a beautiful, year-round Kemp u Kukačků. The camp area is situated directly on the bank of the dam, providing epic views of the water and the surrounding wooded hills with views. It is a generally friendly place from which you will not want to pack and leave at all. If visitors are not on a ride or hiking, they can talk about private campfires made of local wood, talk over coffee on the terrace DaJa snacks or play with children on a cute playground made of natural materials.

During your stay, you will occasionally hear the romantic tinkling of crossings or the roar of long-haired cows from nearby pastures. If you are lucky with the weather, you will see breathtaking sunrises, breaking through the rising steam above the water.

A huge advantage of the camp is its strategic location. You are a party of civilization in the arms of nature, yet close to a large number of excursion places. Everything you need for a wonderful weekend or holiday is within easy reach. The camp is easily accessible from the main road where the train tracks cross. Above all, it is also connected to the cycle path around Lipno.

Finally, a warning: driving here is highly addictive. We fell in love with this place after the first visit.

Here is a link directly to the camp site:

About camp

The owners of the camp were not afraid to invest in a very good standard and thought of every detail from the cozy reception, grassy areas with electricity, water and sewage connections at some campsites to pleasant music on the toilet or common room. If you are just passing through the apartment, you will welcome the newly built Stellplätze. If you stay at the DaJa guest house, you have a separate entrance and your own car park. With a tent or caravan you can choose from several places and levels of equipment.

The owners, together with the staff, take great care of the camp and its visitors, act kindly, authentically and care about the reputation of the place. Guests get a great experience thanks to the concept, innovation, practicality and above all honest, quality team work.

Camping equipment

All plots are beautifully grassed with a freshly cut carpet of dense, soft lawn. In most places you have access to electricity with a 10A circuit breaker, in selected places you also have water and sewage connection available during the summer season. Otherwise, the camp offers everything you need for a pleasant visit with a tent or caravan. You will get very solid value for the money spent and you will look forward to your next visit.

Camp facilities

There is a nice and well-equipped kitchen and a spacious common room.

The washrooms are of a good standard, extremely clean and spacious enough. Wood or stone style tiles, clean, large mirrors. There are toilets and washbasins for adults and children. Quality recorded music to make the experience more enjoyable. Hot and cold water at the sinks. The hot shower is a classic token, which you can buy at the reception. It is also possible to wash and dry your laundry. Washing dishes and cleaning chemical toilets is designed comfortably and practically, as well as waste sorting. Here we would recommend including a waste bin for biowaste and glass, as well as instructions for gentle recycling, which are a good habit in international campsites.

Activities for children

Specifically for children, there is a nice playground with a sandpit, slide, swings and a small monkey track. Importantly, it attracts children, so they like to play here.


The most beautiful trips and tips in the area

No matter which direction you go, on bikes, in-line skates, on foot or by car, you won't regret it. We choose the places where we liked the most and we will be happy for your experience. You can go by cable car or by bike to the Treetop Trail, the ferry from Frymburk and then around the Lipno Dam or to the Rope Center. A visit to the bobsled track in Lipno nad Vltavou, which has a "black" bobsled track for adults and older children, and an "orange family" track, equipped with an automatic brake and seat belts, is an exceptional experience. Both tracks measure 800-1000 meters and have an elevation of 60m. These are great experiences for relaxing days and most of them are also described at the Frymburk campsite. Here we focus on other options.

Observation tower above Horní Planá

A nice walk through the meadows behind Horní Planá offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area. It is also a safe option for families with smaller children, prams or people with fear of heights.

Lookout tower above Horní Planá (Dobrá voda)

A brand new lookout tower with a breathtaking height of 70 meters will soon open to visitors, it will definitely be worth a visit. In case of good weather, the Alps and the entire Lipno landscape below you can be seen from the lookout tower. Preparations are now underway for the opening, so we haven't tried it in person yet, even though it's already towering over the town. We do not recommend it for people with fear of heights and small children :)

Bike path around Lipno

leads in both directions to the following natural attractions

Soumarské peat bog

An extremely nice nature trail leads around the Soumar peat bog. You can go here by car or train from Horní Planá or by bike. You can sail the Vltava with your family right next to the Soumarský Bridge, but beware - the experience must be booked in advance via the Internet and obtained a permit. The daily number of visitors is limited by the decree.


(infantry fortifications) at Soumarský Bridge is a permanent exhibition of weapons, mostly from World War II, over the summer season. You will see here from an armored personnel carrier to a machine gun led by a group of patriots and enthusiasts. Children can shoot from air rifles to cans. The place is definitely worth a visit and a symbolic voluntary fee is payable.

Olšina nature trail

It is located in the former Boletice military district. Extremely beautiful views of the unspoilt landscape and instruction on a number of endemic bird species is the reason for the trail's great popularity. You can handle it with a pram.

Stožec and Pošumavská jižní dráha in Nový údolí

From the Lipno Dam to Stožec you can get along one of the most beautiful cycle paths and in-line trails in the Czech Republic, which measures 15 kilometers. In addition to the Elk Museum in Stožec, we recommend with children a funny experience of perhaps the smallest international train tracks in the world: from the Czech Republic to Germany and back.


Culinary tips in the area

There are more places to eat well. You can order basic pastries directly at the DaJa guest house, which is at the entrance to the campsite and includes a reception. Here you can also get pizza and snacks to satisfy your hunger or a cocktail, ice cream or lemonade for refreshment. If you are looking for food ideas when traveling to the area, we will share our tips with you.

Bistro Kynutá buchta - Horní Planá

The idea of ​​two friends who, together with their team, opened the wonderful Bistro Kynuta buchta. The leavened bun will blow your holiday into a whole new dimension. As you enter, you will have a great atmosphere and you will be guaranteed success with children, partners and grandparents. Delicious sourdough buns from our grandmothers, homemade cakes, successful croissants with nutella, brilliant bread, craft rolls, original sandwiches, macaroons and homemade cakes, as well as toasts with shredded meat and a menu of breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack. And yes, hot chocolate in a tin with whipped cream, just like a child's dream and perfect Italian cappuccino. Should we continue? I'd rather not, you have to taste it. This place is so popular that even when you would not expect it, it can be literally shattered, and that is why it is worth a visit. We appreciate the high professionalism, craftsmanship and also the speed of the staff, the ingeniousness of this concept and the fact that someone with such commitment embodied the dream of perhaps millions of people, but at least our family, a great cafe, bakery with a heart in the middle of the beautiful town Horní Planá. God, more such entrepreneurs. If you will not be able to fall asleep at night in the caravan, then only because you will be looking forward to the morning blush and the next breakfast. Ground floor, but true.


Restaurant a pizzeria U jelena - Chvalšiny

Ingenious pizza and innovative home-cooked meals, every week also focus on a specific area - for example, this week there were sauces, last week cuts ... Gastronomic heaven with a guarantee of high satisfaction, which is worth a detour or connection with a trip to Olšina.


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