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Slovenia - Camp Podgrad Vransko

At the entrance to the Sávská Valley under the green hills and the Church of St. Jerome lies a small, newly built family camp Podgrad Vransko. It is a quiet and cozy place with beautiful views and great, modern facilities. The camp is located in the middle of Slovenia in the countryside in the village Prapreče (402m above sea level) in the Central Sava region.

The place invites you to discover the untamed surrounding nature, cycling and hiking, which the hosts will be happy to advise you. The camp has, among other things, a large garden for children and a field with vegetables and herbs, which you can enrich your travel menu upon agreement. The camp is perfectly organized. Especially nice is the family that runs the camp to allow guests to relax from everyday worries in the arms of nature and spend a few unforgettable moments, days or even weeks with them. I have to admit that they are doing perfectly well. Anyone who has come here once will be very happy to return.

You can stop here on your way to Croatia or to the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, or spend a beautiful holiday here and discover the surrounding countryside. The camp is open all year round, so you can visit it outside the high season.

Here is a link directly to the camp site:

About the camp

It is necessary to keep in mind that this is a relatively small, albeit beautiful, campsite with limited capacity, so think about booking early. But the camp provides everything you need for a great holiday. The part intended for the movement of cars and trailers is equipped with grass tiles so that heavier cars and trailers do not fall even in bad weather. The camp is easily accessible, not far from here is the highway from which you exit the district and after a few minutes you are here.

Camping equipment

The campsites are separated by a fence, with vines growing. Electricity and water connections are available. There is plenty of space for each place.

Camp facilities

The camp offers luxurious and perfectly clean sanitary facilities - showers and toilets, which are cleaned at least twice a day. There is also a pleasant and well-equipped kitchen.

You can order pastries for breakfast at reception, as well as choose from a drink or ice cream menu. There is a supermarket near the camp. The herb and vegetable garden allows you to enrich the campers' menu during the season.

Perfect WiFi without outages will help you plan the view or do something to work. You can also rent bicycles for a fee, or use the washing machine, dishwasher or dryer.

Activities for children

Make a campfire together. For children, there is a spacious garden and a pond where they can watch frogs and other vermin. You can also play table tennis before dinner before the trip.


The most beautiful trips and tips in the area

Whichever direction you go, it will be nice. These are our tips.

Sávská dolina

The Sava Valley is an extraordinary natural and cultural heritage. There are many protected areas as well as historical monuments. Tips on the ten most beautiful places to see can be found here:

Menina Mountain

Beautiful Pre-Alpine plain with pastures located at an altitude of 1200-1450 meters above sea level. The plain is about 20 kilometers long (from west to east) and 10 kilometers high. There are several paths here, for families with smaller children the trails around the top of the mountain are more suitable. Menina Mountain Lodge is a short drive away.

Jama Pekel (Cave of hell)

An interesting limestone cave with an underground river accessible to tourists on wooden walkways:

Grom Motorcycle Museum

You can spend part of a relaxing day visiting the museum. JAWA is not missing here either.


Culinary tips in the area

In the near and far vicinity you will find more interesting places with excellent cuisine.

Golob Stojan - Pizzerie Golobček

Uncompromising, absolutely top-quality homemade pizza and other dishes. Friendly staff and a very nice place including a terrace.


Golstilna pri Mamici

A wide range of great dishes from local appetizers to delicious desserts. Modern healthy and tasty gastronomy and friendly service. Although you probably won't feel the same as your mother, it's worth going here for food.


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