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Spain - Ordesa National Park - Camping Río Ara

Camp Río Ara is a beautiful and quiet family camp in the central Pyrenees, not far from Ordesa National Park and Monte Perdido. The camp itself is located near the crystal clear river Ara, which is pleasantly noisy and provides a place for swimming. It is surrounded by greenery and mountains. From your tent you will have an impressive view of the surrounding mountain scenery. The beautiful and open night sky without light smog is remarkable. The town of Torla, a kilometer away, can be reached via a bridge over the wild Ara River. This beautiful and clean river gave its name to the camp.

About the camp

Unlike other popular campsites around the national park, this camp is usually a bit quieter because there are typically noisy groups of campers hosting night parties. The camp is thus an ideal place for families with children who traveled through Germany and France on their way to Europe through the gates of the Kingdom of Spain. It is approximately 1,800 kilometers from Prague, so it is worth going here for longer holidays.

Although the overall area ranks among the smaller campsites, it offers individual campers all types of camping - from small and large tents, through caravans and motor homes. A grass area is available for camping. In most places for camping there are several mature trees, providing pleasant shade in summer. The friendly owners and staff will be happy to advise you on where to go for a trip or a meal. As in other beautiful places, it is important to book a place during the season, especially if you have a larger tent or caravan. If you need to replenish supplies, you can go to Torly, where there are also places to go for food. The best way to the national park is a few minutes by bus.

All information about current prices, booking options and valid operating rules of the camp can be found on the website:

Camping equipment

Camp facilities:

IK has modern and tasteful Spanish-style facilities. There are plenty of hot showers and new toilets. There is also a nice laundry room. Sanitary facilities are characterized by absolute cleanliness and regular care.

There is a small shop in the camp with only basic products. There is also a small restaurant and bar offering good food and solid portions at decent prices.

Activities for children:

There is no playground for children or climbing frames, swings, so you have to come up with another program.

The best places for families with a large tent:

All places offer a beautiful lawn and are nicely maintained. Camping places are not separated from each other by any fence, which does not bother us, but we need to make a friendly agreement with others. You can usually choose a specific location on arrival or make arrangements with the staff. To be on the safe side, it is good to come up with a Spanish dictionary on the way and learn basic phrases with the children.


The most beautiful trips and tips in the area

The location of the campsite attracts trips to the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Parks. It is a few minutes uphill to the bus stop and the bus will take you to the entrance.

You will find a small tourist office directly in Torla:

Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park:


Culinary tips in the area

Pizzeria La Tea Broto

Torla – If you appreciate a pizza from a stone oven after a trip, try this place in the town of Torla. In addition to excellent pizza, they also have pasta


El Duende

Traditional dishes do not do far better than in El Duende, which is also located in Torle. For € 24.50 there was a complete excellent menu for one person.

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