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family camping

in the most beautiful places in Europe

How did it all come about?

Every year, my family and I cruise Europe on joint adventures. We're discovering new places and we'll do a review where we really enjoy it. We inspired some of our friends to take a different approach to their family vacation. From the MS Word document that we attached to the email with tips, we got to this website. If it helps you in any way to plan your own family adventure, we will be very happy. Below the posts is space for questions and your own experiences and comments. And we will be very happy for your tips on where to go next!

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enjoy great camping with the whole family

stunning nature

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Beautiful nature and trips

We will only do a review if our family really like it
at the campsite.

Kempování v italských Dolomitech - Caravan Park Sexten 2023
Camping Savudrija: Užijte si rodinnou dovolenou u moře pod majákem v borovicovém ráji!
Camping Grubhof: Rodinný Ráj uprostřed Rakouských Hor a Lesů!
Camp Sedmihorky - Česká republika
Slovinsko - Kamp Soča
Rakousko - Camping Grimmingsicht ve Štýrsku
Chorvatsko - Sunny Camping Škrila
Itálie - Jižní Tyrolsko - Camping Zögghof
Italie - Trentino - Camping Le Marocche
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