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What brought us to this site

We love traveling on our own axis. The smell of distance. Morning coffee in a quality mug in the middle of unspoiled nature. Inflatable tent and trips with children. Barbecue together with friends from different countries. Great shower in a clean bathroom without a queue, dry linen, tidy things, clean toilet and safety. Comfortable beds and plenty of living space. And something about that ..

I traveled a lot at work and in the hotel it often seemed to me that we fell asleep with the family under the stars by the blazing fire. And a piece of that desire for adventure and nature that I share with my wife Veronika, I also wanted to pass on to our two little sons - Kubík and Kryštůfek. And we also like a little comfort. Is it possible to combine it?

If you have two or three weeks in the summer for a trip together, this is a precious time. It is a reward for you and the children. If you're a little like us, you'll probably care about planning. We researched interesting travel blogs, hundreds of websites, we went to youtube videos in several languages, and at the same time, in winter discounts, we gradually bought camping equipment, which piled up in the corner of the study.

We invented our own original style of travel with a freight lift and a spacious inflatable tent, and we also started to create a list of places we visited and we were excited about. We gave it to dozens of friends and acquaintances. Everyone's eyes lit up as we talked about how we actually travel. And we inspired some of them for a change of plans and a completely different vacation. We got a lot of tips from them again. And then it occurred to us that it would be better to share our experiences on the web and inspire the exchange of experiences to people who are similar in focus. They love travel, nature and children.

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