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Croatia - Island Krk - Camp Maslinik

Camp Maslinik is located on the island of Krk, which is accessible from the mainland by a newly built bridge. Maslinik means olive grove. The name is well described by a small family camp on an area of 5500 m2, which is built in a simple seaside style in a beautiful olive grove. Camp Maslinik is located on a hill above the historic seaside town of Punat. Rare mature olive trees provide pleasant shade. You will see the sea among the branches of the trees. The center of Punat and therefore the sea is about 500 meters as the crow flies.

About the camp

You can speak Czech, German or English with the friendly owner and the young lady at the reception. They will be happy to advise you on where to go for dinner or a swim in the sea. The capacity of the camp is not large, so we definitely recommend agreeing on a previous reservation. In return, you will find a nice place for family camping and functional, clean facilities around the reception upon arrival. Near the reception there is a nice playground for smaller children. The owner also runs a very nice private beach Medane Beach by the sea. Medane Beach is ideally accessible about 5 minutes by car, for parking and consumption you can get more favorable conditions when staying at the camp. Alternatively, you can cycle to the beach along the cycle path along the sea.

All information about current prices, booking options and valid operating rules of the camp can be found on the websites:

Camping equipment

There are 37 places in the camp, mainly for tents or campervans. The best places for families with children are near the playground. Some sites are occupied by old settlers in permanently installed caravans. Most sites allow you to connect to electricity (if you have your own cables). Water is only available in the main building. But the camp is pleasantly cozy, so it is close to everywhere. The ubiquitous greenery is very beautiful.

Camp facilities:

The bathroom is clean and very simple. It's nice that the cleaning lady does the cleaning basically throughout the day, so you can see that the sanitary equipment is taken care of regularly. There are several toilets and showers separately for men and women. There is one family shower available within the bathroom. However, don't expect much luxury, it's still comfortable, but a bit spartan.

Near the reception is something like a common room, where usually small children gather for an evening fairy tale. Some understand better, others don't, but we found out that ours don't mind and have a good time at the local evening.

The shop is within walking distance of a supermarket, right in the camp you can buy only olive oil from the local Maslinik, which can be an interesting souvenir.

Activities for children:

Opposite the house with reception is a nicely maintained playground for the youngest children with a slide, gingerbread house, swing and sandpit. In the evening, the children can watch the fairy tale together with the others in the background. But children will have much more fun right on Medane Beach, where there is a castle for water battles, big chess, football and of course the beautiful sea. Watch out for hedgehogs, the beaches are rocky and the water here is crystal clear, but it needs water shoes.

The best places for families with a large tent:

We found that the most beautiful places for us are the most distant from the reception due to larger areas and larger tents. But in fact, all the places in this camp are interesting. In addition to the location, the view, the nice owners and the hardworking and kind staff, this is the main currency of the camp. Thanks to the olive trees, you have enough shade to make you comfortable at night, although during the day the sun outside the camp warmed everything white.


The most beautiful trips and tips in the area

Punat city

It's really nice to go to Punat in the evening. You can plan your trip to the city from the street of the inventor and discoverer Nikola Tesla through the cute narrow streets around the church. If you are as lucky as we are, you can experience a concert here, or join the Mass for a while as a guest. The winding streets are usually full of children playing, resting cats, and here and there in front of the kitchen they sit on a bench and the locals talk about politics or football.

Old Punat has a wonderful peaceful atmosphere. The reward for the descent through the city is the local Marina - a port for boats and small fishing boats. We liked ships with a soul the most, the ones that were a lot behind them. And yet it was clear that their owners took care of them even after so many years.

If you like to walk along the sea, here you can choose between a lighted route full of tourists and ice cream parlors or a path along the marina, which runs in parallel very far along the coast. This is our preference, of course also associated with tasty local ice cream.

Vrbnik city

Beautiful ancient city on the opposite coast of the island. It's about half an hour away by car. You will be greeted by winding streets and wonderful romantic sea views. Next time we will try the local cuisine, but during our visit it was fully occupied in the recommended restaurants.

We plan to visit other places on the island sometime next time :) we will definitely be happy for your tips in the comments!


Medane Beach

A private beach, which coincidentally has been operated by the camp owner since 2020. It is located in a beautiful place, we recommend leaving the camp by car and you will have free parking when staying at the camp. An alternative is to walk or ride a bike or scooter. But then avoid the roads that run around the recycling yard for a while and head straight down to the sea and on the bike path to the left.

In the local bar on the beach Medane you can buy not only chilled Karlovačko and lemonade for children, but we also recommend trying delicious čevapi in homemade pita bread. They are excellent and one lunch was enough for the whole family with small children.

Children will enjoy themselves here, because in addition to water games and table football, they also have beautiful big chess, but above all a big castle, which allows you to organize water battles between youths at regular intervals. Children in different places have water hoses, they can take cover, conquer the castle, it is a lot of fun for the whole family.

Another gadget we recommend is to head from Medane beach along the beach to the center. You will come across a bakery stand with the best donuts, burqas and baklava we have tasted at Krk. They only have similar goodies in the Bakery in the center, maybe they also have the same owner.


Culinary tips in the area

Bufet Duga

Definitely visit this "bistro". She is actually a beautiful restaurant with outdoor seating and very friendly staff. They have excellent pizza, pasta and especially chevapi. We tasted the pasta with seafood several times and it was really worth it.

So far we have celebrated something several times, we ate well and we still got beautiful paper aprons and we felt like kings. In addition to delicious simple food and cold beer, but above all you will feel that you are welcome here and you can feel at home. It's such a secret tip, instead of visiting the various hogo-fogo restaurants around.


Punat Fishery

Obala 45a, 51521, Punat, Croatia - freshly caught fish at excellent prices.


Fruits and vegetables

Ul. Ivana Gorana Kovačića 41, 51521, Punat, Croatia - slightly better quality than the local supermarket.


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