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Croatia - Olea Camping

The newly built Olea Camping is a wonderful place if you want to go with your family for a week of relaxation to the sea with a caravan or dwelling and almost forget about civilization. The camp is located directly by the sea in a beautiful location on the west side of the island of Pag. It is away from all tourist attractions and far from larger cities. All campsites are located on a slope gradually descending to the sea. Thanks to this, you can look forward to epic sea views and views of the remote islands of the northern Adriatic from almost anywhere. There is a wonderfully clear sea, pebble beaches and access even without special shoes. The campsite has two private beaches, a bakery and ubiquitous beautiful olive trees. A fresh breeze will blow in your hair and in the evening you can watch beautiful sunsets together and at night with a glass of star wine. Bring a paddleboard, snorkelling gear and a stack of books with you and you will be happy here all week. Fresh pastries to order in the morning, in the evening you throw steak and vegetables on your gas grill and you don't have to worry about anything else. If you need to shop or get a good meal in the restaurant, you can go on a trip to the town of Novalja, 12 kilometers away.

About the Camp

In good weather, you can go on a professionally organized hiking trip or cycling ride, specific tips can be found further in the review. Of course, most of us enjoy water sports and relaxation in the hot summer.

If I say anything, the friendly attitude of the well-coordinated staff. It is far from a matter of course, but it turns your holiday into a relaxing one. The island of Pag is divided into two counties and in the northern part - Lika-Senj - is located on the west side of the island Olea Camping. Olea Camping is accessible from the mainland by bridge or ferry. The local specialty is Paski Sir (cheese from Pag) made from sheep's milk. So don't forget to try it.

More information and the current price list can be found here:

Camping equipment

The camp offers variously demarcated plots in sizes 100-150m2. Due to the rocky base, they are especially suitable for dwellings and caravans. For possible camping with a tent, you must look for a suitable place. We recommend that you clarify this when booking. They are divided into 4 levels based on location, size and equipment level. If it is not yet full, you will be given a choice of more options and you will choose exactly the place that will suit you according to the photos. We recommend places with mature olives, which create a pleasant shade, which is definitely so close to the sea. Access roads are comfortable and wide enough. There is electricity and water connection available in most places. Wi-Fi is available throughout the campsite.

Camp facilities:

The camping places are nicely limited, there is good access to them, especially if you have a mover or just a dwelling. Find out which places are most suitable for camping.

The sanitary facilities are brand new and everything is extremely clean, comfortable and well maintained. In addition to toilets and showers with hot water, there are also outdoor washrooms, special toilets for children and private changing rooms. You can wash your laundry in modern washing machines and dry it in dryers.

The camp offers almost everything you need. From a souvenir shop, through a beach bar with a drink, a pastry shop to an ATM at the reception. You can buy fruits and vegetables every other day.


The most beautiful trips and tips in the area

120 kilometers of hiking and biking trails on Pag will allow you to see the most beautiful places on the island. These are places that will remain hidden from most comfortable campers. The island of Pag is half reminiscent of a dramatic lunar landscape, which is caused by the "bura" wind.

Walking trips to Pag

Pag is also a place for tourist trips in good weather. Don't forget sunscreen, sunglasses, a headdress and plenty of food and fluids on trips. It is better to use a guide, especially with children. Here are some interesting tips:


The island of Pag is imbued with a network of trails and bike paths. Mandre boat offers organized bike tours every year from May to October. You can find 10 beautiful bike trails on Pag in the length of 2.5-20 kilometers on their website here:

Of course, cycling trips are better to take in colder weather, such as spring or late summer. You will also find circuits around the whole island, eg here 47 kilometers:

Sea salt and traditional cheese on Pag

The tradition of producing sea salt, cheese and lamb has been maintained in Pag for centuries. Be sure to take a sheep trip and taste the local salt, cheese and other specialties.


Culinary tips in the area

Salt Sushi & Steak

If you love sushi as much as we do or you just like healthy cuisine, you will be happy to come back here. And if you'd rather have a proper burger than a maki, you'll come to your senses here as well. Friendly service and very good prices.

Restaurant & Bar - Santo Novalja

Friendly service and quality menu of well-prepared meals. You can order a variety of seafood and delicious steaks, pastas and more.


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