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Czech Republic - Camp Sedmihorky

Over the weekend, while editing our first video from Legoland with Verča, we realized that it would be nice to learn filmmaking from someone before to burn a few times, and then let it go with disappointment. Hiking and camping is a hobby for us and we want to give him what he deserves. Early on Thursday morning, we drove the children to schools and kindergartens, took a day off from work, hitched up the caravan and set off with a cup of coffee and a pleasant chill in the back to the Bohemian Paradise. It is here on the way to our friend Vašek Bacovský, who is a teacher, photographer, discoverer and guide and also runs the studio And with this Renaissance man, we came to learn to do better. The plan was to shoot a tutorial on operating the caravan for my colleague Ondra Štos and everyone else who is starting caravanning, and to prepare a review of one of the best campsites in the Czech Republic - Sedmihorek.

From the parking barrier in Prague, we crossed the road to the camp barrier in an hour. For the purpose of escaping from the big city into the arms of nature - following the example of the film The Road from the City - Sedmihorky is made like that. Already on the highway we were greeted by the contours of the rock town of Bohemian Paradise and the panoramic views that my family and I have walked through many times. The last, narrow driveway to the camp brought us in front of the reception. And that's where it happened. We stopped, took a deep breath, and finally looked around and listened. The camp was full of laughing children like every spring. They came here for a group trip with their guides and teachers, and at first glance they really liked it.

All information and now also the possibility of online booking of a place for a caravan can be found here:

About camp

Rare peace and quiet radiated from the camp management and the staff we spoke to. Maybe they have some mindfulness classes here or they practice yoga together in the morning. Next time, I'll ask the manager. Even in the café and in the pub, everyone was accommodating, open, so we attribute the overall impression to a good team and camp management. Together they discovered every bit of the campsite with papers and cameras in hand, taking notes, asking questions. This survey was a pleasant surprise. For all the surprises, I choose: The building of the historic mill, which is actually a new building full of play elements for children with an epic cafe. Large sandy beach on the shores of the Pheasant Pond with a beach volleyball court. Grassy area with sandstone monoliths reminiscent of the surrounding nature. Picturesque meadows for camping, including a special romantic meadow for lovers. The camp is worth attention and we will be happy to return here.

Here you will find everything you would look for after a day trip in the Bohemian Paradise. Excellent pub, cafe, children's playroom, as well as clubhouses, climbing frames, fireplaces, etc.

Take a look at the short video review of the camp:

Camping equipment

You can come to Sedmihorky with a family tent, caravan, living room or even just a credit card and you can rent a mobile home or a tent with an underlay. Each type of accommodation has its own zones of different standards. Tent meadows are beautifully green and mowed with quality lawn, which is also true of all habitats.

Parking for caravans and mobile homes is numerical and it is possible to book a specific place online since 2022. There are cabinets for 220 electrical connections near the places. There are also places for drinking fresh water around the camp. You must bring the other media to the house or caravan.

The camp is covered by WiFi, but we relied on our own data.

Camp facilities

Wooden cottages and service buildings with sanitary equipment are in several places. All are perfectly clean, simple and functionally equipped. Plenty of sinks, toilets, washing machines. Sanitary equipment is basic and in good condition. Everything is done so that it is well maintained. However, this may not be 100% true in full season in excellent weather, because the camp is simply a very popular place, where a lot of people go and not everyone uses chemical toilets in cars.

Hot water in the showers is for coins, which you can get at the reception. This leads to frugality and is strikingly reminiscent of how effectively the family can wash the entire 50-liter tank of water in the caravan and still have all day to cook. That we would introduce it at home? :)

Activities for children

The camp has established cooperation with various interest groups for children and youth, which nicely captures its overlap. Among the partners are the Center for Ecological Education Bohemian Paradise, the Skaláček Forest Nursery and the Bohemian Paradise Geopark, in whose imaginary heart the Sedmihorky Mountains are located, which is a natural heritage of UNESCO.

Children of all ages, from toddlers and preschoolers to adults, will find enjoyment in the camp. All game elements are high quality, well thought out and look solid and safe. The photos taken speak for themselves. Of course, pay attention to swimming in the Bažantník pond, which belongs to the Bažantník nature reserve. The water is not as clear as in Slovenia due to the subsoil and water temperature. The camp tries to clean the water with the help of modern technologies (it uses bacteria, ultrasound), however, during the hot summer, a bathing ban is sometimes announced, which must be respected. One more reason for us to come before the season.

The Mlýn children's playroom is extremely successful, which is a huge beautiful building full of climbing frames and game elements, where children and adults can run and jump for hours and then, for example, paint at a cake. A combination of vision and craftsmanship is known from the realized game room. If you are just pleasantly interested outside, you will be amazed inside. Just because of how much energy the owners have invested to make children and parents happy and provide visitors with a great place (not only) in case of bad weather.


The most beautiful trips and tips in the area

The camp is located on the signpost of hiking trails. If you want to see really beautiful photos of the rock town Bohemian Paradise, the ruins of the castle Trosky, Hrubá skála, have a look at the website Vaška However, when you leave the camp, you are de facto in the middle of beautiful nature and it is close to everywhere.

Photos from beautiful places around Sedmihorky by Václav Bacovský.

Culinary tips in the area

This time we will make an exception and we will not drag you out of the camp for food. We were excited about the weekly cash and after the innkeeper brought us a weekend barbecue menu with smoked knee and other specialties with a feeling of pride, we have no doubt that you will find yourself here traditionally. If that's not enough for you, there is a fast food stall next to it, where the menu is dominated by a specialty that I have associated with swimming and rowing in Podolí - yes, unadulterated langoustine.


Café and children's playroom Mlýn

A counter full of homemade cakes, muffins and good coffee, a smile and words of apology that it is almost sold out today and waiting for the cakes for the weekend. Better than U myšáka, including a pleasant atmosphere.


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