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Czech Republic - Frymburk

Frymburk is a pleasant western-style camp on the outskirts of the picturesque town of the same name. Thanks to its location on the banks of the Lipno Dam, you have a decent chance at night to a wide sky full of stars. And when you wake up in the morning, you will enjoy the view of the dam bathed in the morning sun, the Frymburk Church nearby and the ferry pier, from which a regular express line may be departing, attracting visitors on a day trip. Swans are carrying young on the shore, children are rocking on the playground nearby, while their parents are quietly packing for the return trip to Amsterdam, Vienna or Prague. No one is in a hurry, only two small sailboats are running in the distance on the surface.

About the camp

The family running the camp is related to this and is aware that they are trying to provide visitors with a higher European standard and create well-being.

The camp is located on a safe cycle path surrounding the Lipno Dam. It provides an opportunity for numerous trips and walks in the area, as well as for bike rides or trips by car. After all, nearby is the popular Treetop Trail with a cable car and a bike park, and a little further on, even Český Krumlov.

All data and information can be found here:

The plots in the camp are spacious enough and are available in various sizes and comforts. Electricity leads to all places for caravans, more luxurious campsites also provide a water connection and stronger electrical protection. The camp is spread wide on the beautiful beach and in terrace style rises towards the main road. The camping plots are flat, but at the same time all visitors have a beautiful view of the reservoir. The road is shaded by a mature grove and a fence, so cars don't disturb you too much at night, unless someone is racing a motorcycle.

Everything is clearly organized in the camp. The owner welcomes you in an airy and modern reception, the formalities take place with a smile and attitude, when nothing is a problem. The owner rides the tractor on the campsite and helps transport caravans to less agile drivers. The barriers are opened electronically on a chip system. The roads are in perfect condition, as is the freshly mown lawn. The staff responsible for cleaning appear everywhere at regular intervals and take great care of the campsite's facilities, so it is pleasantly clean by European standards. Each tent and caravan has its place, so you feel plenty of space and it supports the overall well-being and relaxing atmosphere. The camp extends from the reception on both sides of the shore, so even a larger number of visitors can accommodate without major problems. Nevertheless, it is advisable to think about early booking, because sometimes due to the popularity of caravanning - and especially due to its high quality, it is completely booked.

Occasional programs for children can be a pleasant addition to your children. We experienced, for example, roasting trdelníky over a campfire, and the children enjoyed it very much, despite the coming storm.

Camping equipment

In addition to a nice beach with a view, there is a restaurant in the camp, there are playgrounds, two fireplaces, boat rental. In addition to camping plots, there is also a rental of mobile homes in standard or luxury design. Some regular visitors leave their caravans in the parking lot behind the gate, so they can return to the cottage and have their homes ready in the meadow.

The campsite has quality WiFi coverage.

Camp facilities

Sanitary equipment is in good condition. Although the toilets and showers are furnished in a simple style and already remember something, they are perfectly clean, functionally equipped and functional. As well as washers and dryers. Outdoor dishwashers save hot water, which is also available.

Activities for children

In addition to water and plenty of lawn, there are three nice playgrounds in the camp with various climbing frames, swings, a carousel, a small water slide and a sandpit. Each playground is a little differently equipped, which brings children the magic of discovery. In addition, there are various animation programs for children, toasters, dancing and other entertainment. From our own experience, we would like to highlight the comfort and authenticity of these activities. Older children who are planning events (and some even translate into Dutch) do so with interest and the necessary dose of creativity.


The most beautiful trips and tips in the area

Ferry Frymburk

If you go to the other side of the dam to Frýdava, you can cycle around the reservoir from the left and return via Přední Výtoň and Lipno nad Vltavou back to Frymburk.

Lipno harbor

Treetop trail - Lipno

You can go on the trail either along a marked path through the forest for pedestrians or go up the cable car.


Culinary tips in the area

In the vicinity of Frymburk there are plenty of interesting options where you can go for good food and something sweet. We liked it here.

Slunečná louka - Pizzerie

Excellent Pizzeria right in Lipno. The atmosphere here is great, but you can of course take the pizza with you:


Povidloň - confectionery and ice cream parlor

Povidloň is a synonym for concentrated craftsmanship. Definitely worth a visit by bike:


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