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Italy -Kemp Caravan Park Sexten

Camp Sexten is surrounded by beautiful deep forests and limestone mountain giants. It is located in the Sexten Dolomites in South Tyrol on the Italian side of the Alps. A stream full of trout flows through it and provides five-star comfort. The air line is only a few kilometers from the border with Austria. The camp is relatively large, yet maintains a pleasant atmosphere, which makes it one of the regular winners of surveys for the best camps in the Alps.

Caravan Park is primarily aimed at visitors with motorhomes and caravans, but you can also stay in hotel rooms, or in cabins or even in tree houses. From May to October you have an outdoor heated pool and a year-round indoor pool, so don't forget to pack a swimsuit and sleeves. If you are lucky with the weather, you and your family will enjoy morning coffee in front of the caravan in the middle of unforgettable natural scenery. From the camp you can go on hikes of varying difficulty, as well as you can go on bikes, scooters or e-bikes. On days of relaxation, you will appreciate the comfortable wellness center, outdoor and indoor playgrounds or a climbing wall.

There is a bus stop by the campsite, which will take you in both directions of the valley to remarkable excursion places. Here is a link directly to the camp site:

About the camp

The care of the owners is known in every detail of the campsite and right from the tour of the website. In the camp, everything is well organized, tidy and beautifully clean. For people who drive a caravan or motorhome, this is a great campsite because the parking spaces are slightly paved. There are beautiful outdoor and indoor playgrounds, large swimming pools, a wellness center and much more. Access to the wellness center and pool is paid separately if you are camping. The local restaurants cook well, which won't surprise you so much in the camp on the Italian side of the Alps, and you can shop in the small supermarket, where they also have fresh pastries and offer products from local farmers. You can pay a great breakfast, which we highly recommend.

The team is friendly, you are welcome and will be happy to return.

Camping equipment

In Sexten you can choose between comfortable, premium and de luxe plots, or there are also super luxury plots with sizes of 150-300m2, which include their own heated bathroom, sauna and other openings. Even the basic (comfortable) plots are large enough, the parking space is paved with gravel and you have an electricity connection and, if you want, a TV. Water and waste connections also operate in the summer months.

Camp facilities

In the camp you will find three bathing houses. Everyone is in a different style. All are beautiful and clean. You can also rent a private bathroom. There are also bathrooms for the family and special bathrooms for dogs.

In special places there is a sink for gray water and everything else that belongs to the above-standard equipment of the camp.

The campsite has a popular wellness center Meridiana Spa, which in addition to relaxation zones offers several interesting saunas. Even if you don't have time to get around them, you can enjoy it.

There is also a gym.

Activities for children

Activities for children


The most beautiful trips and tips in the area

You can get to the surroundings by car, bus, on foot or by bike or e-bike. .

From the Prati di Croda Rossa (Rotwandwiesen) meadow to the Passo Monte Croce saddle

An easy walk through the beautiful countryside. The grassy area can be reached by cable car from Bad Moos.

Tre Cime Lavaredo

A unique place with views of limestone rocks and the Dolomites. However, you need to count on a 30 EURO entrance fee per person and also choose a day and hour with less traffic so that you park and not get lost in the crowd of tourists. The total trip is about 12 kilometers and it already requires sturdy shoes and hiking experience, so suitable especially for sportier families with older children.


Culinary tips in the area

Jägerhütte – mountain hunting lodge

Mountain cottage with beautiful views of the countryside, with excellent local dishes and friendly service. Here you can find local game delicacies as well as shredded cakes with pudding and jam, which we know in another design from the Austrian side.


Sweet-shop Konditorei Kofler – Moos

Fantastic and well-hidden home patisserie is a popular place for many locals. The best cakes, pies and strudel and donuts. Definitely worth a visit. The patisserie also offers beautiful views of the countryside.


Pizzeria Martina - Sankt Josefstrasse 17, Sexten

One of the most popular places to eat in Sexten. Excellent pizza with great dough, pasta, salads and maybe excellent ice cream sundaes. Very friendly, kind staff who manage to create home comfort and also speak English. All extra at reasonable prices, which in many cases are better than some pizzerias on the outskirts of Prague.

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