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Italy - Sardinia - Camp Cala Ginepro

We found one of the most beautiful places to camp on the island of Sardinia on the starting coast in the Orosei area. We went here with more family members and our camping trailer. We were equipped with a large and smaller tent and everything that worked for us while camping in Europe. The camp was discovered by our Sardinian brother-in-law and it was a great choice. On the advice of the staff, we chose the place in a pine forest with a sandy-clay subsoil, which meant a pleasant shade and a fairly simple tent position. At the same time, we had a few hundred meters from the tent to the beautiful sea, which we preferred due to small children than camping near the beach. At the reception we were also advised to stay in a different part of the camp than where a 50-member group of local scouts stayed and it was expected that it would be a bit busier there until late in the evening. It must be added that adults, teenagers and children, were all very pleasant and we did not encounter any problems.

About the camp

Along the coast you can go an unmarked walk quite far north or south and enjoy with the whole family beautiful views and fascinating corners in nature. Be sure to bring a camera, especially in May / June due to the beautiful flora and interesting year-round fauna.

In the relatively large area of ​​the camp you will have a relaxed atmosphere and when you find your way around the map, you can go for longer pleasant walks inside the area with a pram or children's bikes. You can book your place on the beach with parasols to make sure you enjoy swimming. The campsite has a cute Italian café for breakfast, ice cream or afternoon coffee. You will also find a pizzeria with a good pizza, and if you do not rush and accept the local calmer pace during your visit, you will definitely enjoy it. Sanitary facilities are at an average level, but there are plenty of places. We would recommend a time from May to mid-July or then September for a visit.

We really liked the camp and we will be happy to return here during our next wanderings around Sardinia. We see a multi-day visit here as a stop at one of the more beautiful family holiday destinations in Sardinia, so that traveling across half of Europe and a night ferry from Livorno make sense. We also return to Sardinia regularly because we have a family here and we gradually discover its natural wealth and culture almost every year when it is possible. If you know at least a little Italian, it is a great advantage for you, as well as familiarity with Mediterranean culture.

All information about current prices, booking options and valid operating rules of the camp can be found on the website:

Camping equipment

Camp facilities:

Even a luxury three-star camp in Sardinia like Cala Ginepro offers more basic conditions in terms of sanitary facilities. It is clean here, but do not expect comfort and architectural style from the rich north. However, most camping sites allow you to connect to electricity if you have a cable long enough. Everything is balanced by a relaxed atmosphere, the smell of the sea, beautiful nature, smiling staff, good espresso and a warm croissant for breakfast and in the evening good wine, excellent pizza or pasta in a local restaurant. It is possible to grill your own food on charcoal in the local brick grills, which are available to everyone.

There are sun loungers and parasols available by the sea for a fee, which you can book several days in advance and pay at the reception. There is a nice shop in the camp, where you can get all the basic food. It is not far from the camp to the local supermarket, where you can get the rest.

In less than a week we spent here, my two dads went shopping once or twice and our cars rested differently. By the way, cars are parked in a shared parking lot.

Activities for children:

There is a beautiful playground for children near the pizzeria. However, the best thing for the children was the proximity of the beautiful sea with the possibility of playing together, snorkeling, learning to swim, sandy beaches suitable for building sand castles and doing adventurous hiking trips in the area.

The best places for families with a large tent:

During our visit, we chose a premium plot of land in zone "E", which is large enough, as well as others beautifully grassed, has all the nets and its biggest advantages are the proximity of the course and beautiful sunsets. With a smaller holiday budget, we would easily choose zone Z, which allows only connection to electricity and is designed primarily for tents.


The most beautiful trips and tips in the area

For longer walks in the countryside and possibly on local treks or cycling, it is undoubtedly better to arrive in Sardinia in the period April - May, when the weather is already relatively beautiful and at the same time the beautiful local flora is growing and it is not hot yet.


Culinary tips in the area

We recommend buying fresh fish in the town and grilling them in a charcoal camp.

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