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Germany - Camping Legoland Günzburg

At the request of the children, we went to Legoland in Germany for two days together in mid-May and we really enjoyed it. The flat camp is full of greenery and is surrounded on all sides by a mature forest. The place is worth a visit not only because of the great family fun in Legoland, but also because of the interesting surroundings. Legoland Resort is located on the outskirts of the Bavarian town of Günzburg, which was founded 70 years before the Romans to defend the area around the Danube. It is about 450 km from Prague, which took us 6 hours away with a trailer and motorway breaks.

We liked the camp a lot because of the lots of greenery, the legends at the entrance and toilets and especially the caring staff, who from the early morning until the evening with a smile provided 100% safety, cleanliness and possibly help.

It is definitely worth planning more than one day just for a tour of Legoland, to take your own quality snacks in your backpacks, if it is not hot, then definitely raincoats with you. I think it's generally better to arrive in similar places before the high season, rather on weekdays, and to hit outside the German holidays. We chose Sunday night to Tuesday night and it was perfect.

All information and booking options can be found here:

About camp

We ordered the campsite and paid for it in the morning before departure, and in May during the working week that was enough. Tickets arrived a few minutes later by email. A pleasant surprise for the two nights in the camp were the standard 2 entrances for each of us included in the camping price. As a result, we did not use the tickets to Legoland, which we bought as part of the Christmas event and gave them to the children under the tree, and we can stop here again in the autumn. The complete amount was very pleasant and camping was literally almost free to enter.

From the roundabout in front of Legoland we turned to Legoland Resort, after 2 minutes we stopped in front of the reception and in another 5 minutes we were checked in. Thanks to the bar code on the digital ticket, we went through the barrier after a while of fighting with the scanner. Plots are not marked here, but you can choose any place that is currently vacant. There are transit plots and then larger plots protected by greenery on three sides, such as we chose. It's a good idea to find a place near the power pole so you don't have to pull the extension cord away. According to reviews from other guests, the capacity of the electricity network may not be enough in the high season, they will simply run out of power outlets. One more reason to go during the working week and off-peak season.

Note that most plots are rocky, so they are more suitable for baths, dwellings and caravans. If you are going with a tent, you will have to look for a suitable place for a while and pay attention to a firmer floor.

The camp was very quiet in the evening and it was generally very nice, we will definitely be back.

Camping equipment

In addition to the electrical connection, we had to secure the other media on our own axis. You can pump water at the washrooms, sewerage and satellite connection is also not available, as in most campsites.

There is a place near the sanitary facilities for emptying chemical toilets and gray water, which the robot does here.

The camp has quality WiFi coverage and the ability to connect to electricity. Gardeners are also preparing new greenery for the development of the camp.

Camp facilities

The sanitary equipment is in legostyle, very simple but thoughtful. There are separate areas for clothes, hooks, etc. in the showers, which are walked in in rubber flip-flops. The washrooms and toilets are perfectly clean, because they are constantly taken care of professionally by the staff from morning to evening.

For kids

Before entering the camp is the hotel "Pirate Island" and there is a beautiful pirate ship from Lego. In addition, the resort has several other themed courses. There is also a playground for smaller children with climbing frames directly in the camp.


The most beautiful trips and tips in the area

Legoland Germany

Legoland can be reached from the campsite in 12 minutes on a forest trail. There is its own gatehouse, which is great because you avoid the rush and tours at the main gate. Visiting Legoland in Germany is a huge experience for children and adults alike. There are more than 100 experiences and everyone will find something for themselves here. From several roller coasters, to flying a huge kite, to a beautiful underwater world, a lookout tower over Legoland or the newest Lego Ninjago pavilion with augmented reality, where the whole family fights various monsters in a wheelchair.

It's great that you enjoy it together, because a lot of attractions are built so that you compete together as a whole family and it's really fun.

Old town - Günzburg

The old town founded by the Romans 70 years before Christ is definitely worth a visit. The name of the city is inspired by the Celtic movement Gontia. The city offers a nice walk.


Culinary tips in the area

The hospitality in Bavaria is at a high level and outside of Legoland you will find excellent quality. We can't say that directly about Legoland, where prices are high, but the quality of the food doesn't match that much. These are basically fast foods and ice cream is not very good either. What's really great are the local bakeries, so I went somewhere else for breakfast every morning and we all really enjoyed it.

ViLLAGE PIZZA Schützenverein

We had great pizzas here, Mr. Lovely burger and very well flavored salads. In the hunting lodge by the train station a few kilometers by car from Legoland. They have a page here:


Bakery Bäckerei Hurler

It is about 10 kilometers here, but worth a visit. Excellent walnut braid - Nuss Zopf and absolutely ingenious wholemeal and traditional breads. Maybe bringing this pastry back home as a souvenir will make you the most happy. I have a feeling that local craft bakeries are vying for who will find a better offer and service.

Thomas Seif Bäckerei und Konditorei


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