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Nationalpark - Camping Grossglockner

Behind nine Austrian tunnels, thirty-three thousand-meter mountains and the last bend of the Hochalpenstraße high alpine road, the village of Heiligenblut is a place made for mountain camping. If the weather, technical condition and experience allow you to get here, to the center of the Upper Tauern, from the top floor of the camping meadow you will get a panoramic view of the church of St. Vincennes, also the cable car to the Schareck hill, and under clear skies you can easily see Austria's highest mountain, the majestic Grossglockner. The camp is a good starting point for climbers, passionate cyclists with good physical condition and of course for active people of all ages and families with children.

We reported our stay at the campsite to the landlord in advance by phone, but he didn't reserve a place for us even in the summer, because he promised us in a kind voice that he would find a place for us with a large caravan at this time of the year - and it was so. Plan your arrival well, as the last leg of the journey along the Hochalpenstraße requires caution with your home or caravan. The last 30 kilometers of the road is subject to a toll and the road is also only open for traffic during the day. Due to the large incline, it pays to switch to manual in time and brake the engine on the hill, so as not to burn the brakes. At many places there are stops for a view or a snack, so expect to spend at least 2 hours here.

The epic journey was definitely worth it for us. Thanks to her, we discovered an additional place to which we will be happy and return often. Nationalpark-Camping Grossglockner is one of the best we have visited so far on our travels in Europe.

You can find the website of the camp:

How did we like the camp and what is the best thing about it? Watch the video:

About camp

Due to the popularity of the campsite, we recommend calling in advance and always asking about free places. Even if it was the last one left, I would definitely go here in good weather. Upon arrival at the campsite, hop off and head out to register at reception. You will receive a wooden tag with a number and then you can choose directly with your caravan where you will set up your temporary home. The campsite consists of a lower and an upper meadow. We liked the upper meadow a little more during our visit. We had a better view and also, when it rained at night, there were no puddles on the lawn. I can imagine that in wind and ice the advantages could easily be reversed.

The surrounding nature prepared the perfect backdrop for a few days of action-packed vacation in all seasons. The grass areas are not restricted in any way, it's more free here. The campsite has an excellent location. It is easy to get to the village for shopping, mountain biking or walking. But for most of the trips we still wanted to get a little closer by car, so the advantage of the trailer for families with children proved to us again, because you simply disconnect it, create a home and have a free car.

The main currency of the camp is a well-coordinated team – camp owner Josef and his wife Sabine. Although neither of them stop very much, they cook excellently and create that great atmosphere for guests from all over the world. Josef traveled all over the world, spent many years in the USA, and in the camp you can feel the friendly cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Camping equipment

The sites are not separated from each other in any way, they are large beautiful meadows with perfect lawns and unforgettable views.

Electrical hookups and lights are available throughout the campsite, just bring your own extension cord or two so you can run the electricity up to your pitch. You can carry water in a watering can or pump it directly into the tank at the sanitary building.

Camping grounds

Sanitary buildings are built in a simple, mountain style. Expect sufficient capacities and perfect cleanliness, on the other hand - it's a mountain camp for athletes, so no excessive luxury.

In the camp you will find everything you need for summer, spring and winter camping. There are enough toilets, sinks, showers with enough hot water, there is also a washroom and washing machines, a dryer, a ski room, etc.

At the campsite reception, you can buy fresh eggs for the morning fry-up every day. Go to the shop in the village, it's a shortcut past the church, a few minutes' walk and the shop is well stocked.

Activities for children

The camp is safe for children, smaller children can find swings and a sandpit near the reception. The core of their entertainment will be trips.


The most beautiful trips and tips in the area

To waterfalls and gold panning

For many years, the craft of panning belonged to the basic form of livelihood of the local people. You can enjoy a beautiful trip behind the waterfalls with a detour to the rice field and try your luck. You make everything you need for it.

Marmot hunt in the Grossglockner area

By turning off the Hochalpenstrasse towards the Grossglockner, you are guaranteed to discover places where marmots are found. Slow down, open the windows and when you hear the characteristic whistle, park somewhere safe and follow the tracks of marmots with your camera. Kubík scored for us, as he spotted the marmot from a kilometer away.

Cable car to Schareck

Don't miss this trip - up the cable car and at the top either a short walk or descent into the valley. On your way back to Heiligenblut, you can carefully explore the rocks on the lower reaches of the stream.

Natura Mystika and the Gossnitz waterfall

A few kilometers along the straight line west of Heiligenblut, there is an educational nature park reminding children of the beauty of nature.


Culinary tips

After the trip, we can recommend the restaurant right in the camp with a clear conscience. The owners offer dinners, but depending on the season, so you always have to make arrangements and reserve a place. We came up with the taste of a typical Alpine schnitzel with potato - and be careful 😊 - this time with cranberries. In addition to the excellent food, we also found time to chat with the owners, who are extremely nice people. We had such a good time here that we went here practically every evening and didn't want to look anywhere else.


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