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Netherlands - North Holland - Camping Zeevangshoeve

Camping Zeevangshoeve is located in North Holland, on the outskirts of the picturesque town of Edam, and on the shores of the freshwater lake IJsselmeer (Markermeer). Zeevangshoeve is characterized by the peaceful atmosphere of a family farm, where everything is well taken care of with the care of a hard-working Protestant farmer. Set up for the occasional roar of cows, the roar of sheep and the spring merry chirping of meadow birds. The place provides countless opportunities for family bike trips to the near and far surroundings.

The town of Edam and nearby Volendam are famous for the production of quality cheeses. Zeevangshoeve is a signpost to discover the beauties of North Holland. The local landscape invites you to admire the vast fields of tulips, take pictures of historic windmills, taste matured cheeses, buy clogs and visit local family farms with fruit and vegetables. After cycling, you can swim in the local freshwater lake or go paddleboarding.

About the Netherlands

Local customs and culture are influenced by Protestant morals in the spirit of Calvinism, which had a long tradition in this country and the largest number of followers. Calvinism preaches simplicity, renunciation and honest work. Everything makes sense and the fact that the Dutch do not like to use curtains - because there is nothing to hide from the neighbors in the household. The Dutch are a nation of humble and hardworking people who have managed to uproot much of their land at sea, their height being the highest nation in the world.

More than 86% of them speak English and many speak German as well, so you will definitely understand here. This is due not only to the linguistic proximity, but also to the fact that television dubbing is not as popular here as in our country, and children have been watching fairy tales and movies in their originals since childhood. The Netherlands is the second largest agricultural exporter in the world after the USA, which is a huge surprise for many in terms of country size. The country is also the largest exporter of beer. The Dutch themselves are lovers of coffee and the world-famous cocoa. Holland is as flat as a pancake, it is the most densely populated country in the world and more than a quarter of Holland is below sea level. The Dutch themselves place great emphasis on personal freedom, order and responsibility and appreciate simple and practical solutions.

A large part of Dutch bicycles and e-bikes Cortina is created in Kopřivnice.

About the camp

The Zeevangshoeve family camp is affiliated with a small family farm. There are several dozen campsites for caravans with a pedestal, motor homes and family tents. The campsites are carefully marked and well cared for. The camp allows you to visit a farm with livestock, you can try and care for them. In the morning, you will wake up to the smell of fresh air, bread and delicious sandwiches prepared for breakfast on site.

The friendly owners and all staff take care of the cleanliness of the bathroom, which is modern, albeit in a simple and practical style. Due to the great reputation and small size of the camp, we recommend early booking. For us personally, the most suitable dates are in May or at least outside the main holidays.

Lake IJsselmeer was part of the sea bay until the first half of the 20th century. During the construction of the dam, the original intention was to gradually dry out the part of the lake called Markermeer and gain more agricultural land. However, thank God, this beautiful body of water was saved. The lake is included in the so-called Ramsar wetlands, which, as unique habitats, provide refuge for many species of birds. In addition to swimming, the water area also invites to other water sports such as windsurfing, paddleboarding or rowing.

Zeevangshoeve is a place for me to return to adolescence, because from the age of 16 I regularly went to families with my friends Aram, Michiel and Max from the age of 16, and in return they went to the holidays for a long time. As a big fan of cycling, the local environment fascinated me, because the towns are intertwined with bike paths. Already 25 years ago, cyclists enjoyed maximum legal protection and natural respect in transport. Don't be surprised if you meet the local minister on a bike, it's not a fad, but the norm. As a boy seasoned with dangerous traffic on Czech roads, years ago I felt like in paradise. When you decide to go on a day trip along the coast with older children, you can easily manage 60-80 kilometers of cycle paths and it basically only depends on the wind direction, how fast and smooth you go. For this reason, we also recommend city bikes, which you can also rent at the campsite. Paradoxically, the harder they are, the better their inertia. At the same time, it pays to invest in a proper castle and take care of your pet a bit on trips.

All information about current prices, booking options and valid operating rules of the camp can be found on the website:

Camping equipment

Camp facilities:

The bathroom is spacious enough, new, functional and perfectly clean. There are 5 showers, including a family shower, baby bath. Use of hot water and shower is free. There is also a washer and dryer.

Activities for children:

The family farm allows contact with pets on the farm.

From the dam of the lake you can take the stairs to the recreational beach with a swimming pier on the Markenmeer with the possibility of swimming, fishing and water sports such as windsurfing, paddleboarding, etc.

For children there is a playground with a swing, slide, trampoline and go-karts.

The best places for families with a large tent:

The campsite offers a place for caravans, family tents and caravans with a tent. There is a heated, clean and free bathroom with a family shower. Possibility to buy breakfast in a small shop. There is a washing machine, dryer, fridge and microwave and bicycle rental

All sites are well defined and equipped with electricity (6 amps). Extra large pitches and special paved pitches for caravans are also available. Most sites are equipped with a paved awning area.


The most beautiful trips and tips in the area

Maps of cycle paths and brochures of places of interest in the surrounding area are available at the campsite reception. The most beautiful trips here are with the wind in your hair (and helmet) on the bike ..


The camp is located on the outskirts of the town of Edam. The name of the town originated from the connection "dam" = a dam on the river called "E". The history of Edam is mainly associated with the craft of building and repairing ships for nearby Amsterdam. In the 17th century there were 33 shipyards and Edam also paid for the famous whaling port. The city is famous for its excellent hard cheese. If you want to correct your opinion of our Czech Eidam, be sure to try it. Edam is imbued with water canals and mechanical, manually operated bridges. Every Wednesday from July to August, traditional cheese markets have been held here since the 16th century, where up to a quarter of a million rounds of cheese have been sold each year during the biggest boom in cheese.


The former whaling town of Volendam with picturesque houses, narrow streets and beautiful moored boats on the shores of Lake IJsselmeer.

Edam and Volendam form one administrative unit, one of the 64 administrative units of North Holland.

You can also enjoy a trip on the Volendam Marken Express, which has been sailing for over 100 years. Find out how cheese and clogs are made and return to the past.


North of the campsite, with the help of bike paths, you can easily reach the town of Hoorn, which is home to about 70,000 inhabitants. Hoorn has a beautiful historic harbor, as well as a museum and other sights. Hoorn has a pleasant atmosphere and is definitely worth a visit.

The town got its name from the sailor Willem Schouten, who in 1616 circumnavigated Cape Horn and named his hometown after him. According to legend, however, the town itself was founded much earlier and was founded in 716 by King Radbod. It gained its greatest prosperity during the Dutch Golden Age, when it became an important center of overseas trade. Interestingly, in 1932, after the construction of the dam across the Hoorn Bay, it lost access to the sea and the water level gradually sweetened.

Walking and cycling trails in the area

Zeevangshoeve has several bike paths that take you through the beautiful countryside to the surrounding area. Short walks in the surrounding area include Seedyckroute, Palingroute or Gouwzeeroute.


Culinary tips in the area

The campsite has a daily menu of breakfast sandwiches and bread and twice a week fresh pizza from the home pizzeria, which we recommend you try if you do not want to cook.



Hoorn – if you like great burgers, be sure to try the excellent burger in Hoorn.


Olijf by Danos (Oliva od Dana)

Hoorn - This establishment cooks well for reasonable money and you can also get great olive oil or wine here.


Ristorante La Sfida

Hoorn - You can enjoy Italian specialties in the excellent Italian restaurant in Hoorn.


Sjaakie's Café

Volendam - If you want to eat deliciously for a reasonable price, here they have excellent burgers and baguettes as well as takeaway.

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