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Slovakia - Farm & Camping Lazy

We discovered Lazy on the recommendation of a friend Mira from Zvolen, who visited here with his family two years ago. He told about a family from the Netherlands, who settled years ago in picturesque Cerov, Slovakia near Zvolen and Banská Štiavnica. Two hard-working people set up a farm here at that time, and every summer people with a tent or caravan increased until camping began to predominate. The last time Miro was here, they built an open kitchen so that people could cook in contact with the surrounding nature and also with their children on the playground.

When I met both owners, I heard the engaging story first-hand from them. They traveled the world together and 13 years ago found this undulating piece of land where their daughter was born. Until last summer, as a family, they had a bigger project in the development of the camp every year, now it's starting to look complete, according to their ideas. In retrospect, they are glad that they did not have time to build it all at the very beginning. This is how they had time to listen to people to understand what they liked when visiting and what they would change or appreciate at the campsite. Their openness, empathy and practicality can be seen in the complete functioning of the camp.

The camp is located between the forest and meadows in a rolling landscape. A hiking trail leads directly from the camp to the surrounding countryside. The mascots of the camp are two big pigs that welcome you on arrival from their enclosure. There are also ponies, goats, sheep and hens. Each species has its own nice enclosure. There are really nice plots of land for camping, which are divided into draws and groups of trees.

You can get complete information on the multilingual website of the camp:

Although the camp is called "Lazy", it is not for the lazy. It lies right on the forest hiking trail.

About the camp

It is good to book the camp because it is popular and guests are happy to return. The first surprise comes after booking. You will receive an email with tips for trips to the surrounding countryside and cities. You will also receive useful tips for your stay. Each visitor who is here for the first time, the owners will be guided through the whole place in Slovak or several world languages ​​upon arrival. At the first inspection, I was not surprised. In the camp we have a vegetable and herb garden freely available, freely and free of charge for guests.

We can prepare meals in the open kitchen while watching the children on the playground. We will swim in a large above-ground pool with crystal clear water. Every day at nine in the morning in good weather, the owners organize pony rides, in the afternoon feeding the kids. In the fridge you can buy homemade sheep yoghurt, Coca Cola or next to one of the excellent local wines. We bought 3, we already opened one and it was great.Koukněte se na krátkou videorecenzi a prohlídku kempu:

The camp is quiet and peaceful, the evening is at 22:00. If you come in a good way, you will feel good here, whether you are big or small, whether you come from any country, have any religion or identity.

You can get to the campsite with a little caution with a set of up to 5 tons, if the terrain is soft, heavier cars remain on the edge in paved places.

During the season, the optimal capacity of the camp is quickly filled and the owners do not exceed it in order to maintain a high level of service. Everything in the camp is maintained and perfectly clean. Emphasis is also placed on the safety of children and on making families with children feel good here. I get impressions from the visit, such as hospitality, relaxation and kindness.

Camping equipment

You can come with a living room up to 5t, with a caravan, tent or rent some form of local accommodation (tents, caravans). Regular guests have their favorite places. Stations for caravans have an electricity connection (6A, 230V). Drinking water is available at available places in the camp. Gas and waste you have to count your own, use only capsules / liquids in the waste. There is fully sufficient WiFi.

Camping stands are mostly grassy pleasant nooks and crannies. It's not hard to find a little peace and privacy here.

Camp background

Sanitary equipment is cozy, funny and in sufficient numbers due to the optimal capacity of the camp. Everyone has access to the toilets without distinction, in accordance with the free-spirited beliefs of the owners' family. Everything is perfectly clean, functional, chopped. It has constant attention inside and out.

In addition to the open kitchen, there are refrigerators, washing machine, tripods for barbecue, you can buy beautiful chipped wood or collect your own in the forest surrounding the camp. Each place also has its own open-air stone fireplace.

Mixed toilets and showers are perfectly clean and practical. In addition to the classic flush toilets and nice showers, in the three more distant places in the camp, these traditional kadibudky are also located as a gadget, so that one does not have to stumble across the whole camp at night.

Activities for children

There are several climbing frames, safe trampolines, a cable car, swings, a ping pong table and other activities for children. In the center of the camp there is even a parking lot for pedal cars and bouncers.

The spacious above-ground pool is secured with a fence so that children can only come here to swim accompanied by adults. The spacious above-ground pool is secured with a fence so that children can only come here to swim accompanied by adults.

There is a beautiful forest, the possibility of hiking and mountain biking.

But most of all, city children will enjoy the children's close contact with pets. Morning pony riding, afternoon feeding. Families often come here together, which is not the case in the Netherlands. Children can then play together, for which they have wonderful opportunities here.


The most beautiful trips and tips in the area

While you are here, it is definitely worth visiting Banská Štiavnica and walking through the underground mines. If you book a place here, you will get another hill of tips from the owners' family for hiking or mountain biking trips to the near and far surroundings.


Culinary tips

Taste homemade sheep yoghurts and flawless vegetables from the local garden at the campsite. You can order fresh pastries for breakfast and also buy fresh milk waiting for you in the fridge. In the high season, catering sometimes offers two meals. But if you go on a trip to Banská Štiavnica or Zvolen, I choose these tips from my own experience:

Cafe Divná Paní

Banská Štiavnica

Here we tasted probably the best chocolate in the form of a drink in Slovakia. Also delicious lemonades and other drinks and goodies. An interesting interior concept is reminiscent of a cosily furnished castle or a rich town house.

City Caffe & Coctail Bar Zvolen

A sunset with an aperitif is worth it. We felt like we were by the sea.

Season Home Cooking

Great place for dinner and basically a bit of an experiential restaurant. They mix Caesar salad right in front of you, and only here did I find out that Martini belongs there, if you're not driving.


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