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Slovenia - not far from Krajnská Gora - Camp Špik

Camp Špik can be found in the heart of the Julian Alps, exactly 5 kilometers from the center of the popular Slovenian village of Kranjska Gora. At the same time, it is a stone's throw to the mountain border with Austria and Italy.

The camp itself is located in a grassy valley on the banks of the Sava River. It is surrounded on all sides by rocky mountain peaks and wooded hills. A holiday atmosphere breathes right at the camp gate.

It is not for nothing that they follow the motto here - the wilderness is comfortable. The place is an ideal starting point for adventure trips for small hikers around the area and for exploring the Julian Alps. There are up to 200 tent stands, most of which allow electricity connections. During the summer months, the camp is full of families with children, who cross the asphalt roads on scooters in the evening after the trip and enjoy the well-made natural playground in the center of the camp. There is a well-stocked food for a smiling lady, a place to wash dishes where you can easily meet and also a sufficient capacity of clean sanitary equipment. Although we run our own chemical toilet for small children, we didn't need it here at all. Be prepared to meet an increasing number of people standing, especially in the morning and evening, with their heads tilted slightly, smiling and staring in amazement at the surrounding panoramas, commenting in various languages ​​as, "That's great!" "Wonderful!", "Wow!"

You can comfortably cover the distance of 600 kilometers on the motorways from Prague to the camp in 8 hours. You can make a stop at the Mondsee or a coffee in Salzburg. If you want to take an excursion into history for older children, visit the Eagle's Nest.

All information about current prices, booking options and valid operating rules of the camp can be found on the well-arranged websites: You can speak English or German with the helpful staff without any problems, but also in broken Czech / Slovenian .

There are a total of 200 pitches for tents, vans, motor homes and caravans. The best places for families with children are near the playground.

Camp facilities:

There is plenty of plumbing, no queues and cleaning all the time.

Activities for children:

The heart of the camp is a forest playground with a treetop children's trail ending in a cable car.


The most beautiful trips and tips in the area

Lake Jasna

Although it is not a glacial lake, even in the middle of summer the water temperature does not exceed 20 degrees. So get ready to harden and you can jump on Wim Hof there. The turquoise water in the lake is crystal clear. If you have a paddleboard or canoe, be sure to take them with you and don't forget about sun towels. Above the lake rises a wooden lookout with a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. From the lake there are trails to the surrounding mountains, so you can also end the day trip here.


Koča v Krnici

The Koča vKrnici mountain hut can be reached along a forest path from Lake Jasna. The reward for the unpretentious family output is the ultimate analog refrigerator with beer and lemonade. Take the snack with you. If you have very young children, you should take a stretcher or a stroller to the field.



We visited a nature reserve with a system of lakes in the northern part of the Triglav National Park. We went there once by bike and the second year on foot along the bike path from Kranjska Gora. The last kilometer and a half is for pedestrians, so we had a bicycle lock.

The emerald lake in the heart of the reserve, where the Sava River springs, maintains a constant temperature of 6 degrees. In addition to the color, we were surprised by bubbling streams in the lake. We resisted the urge to swim in the lake, which is strictly forbidden, and we endured it all the way to the Sava River on the way back.



You can take the top hike from the Vršič saddle to the surrounding steep slopes with a whole family, but be sure not to take the pram. It is possible that on the way you will come across a mountain bike fighter and you will wonder how they got to the top. We watched 2 fighters who ran down the rock at full speed - probably a new sport.


Bobsleigh track in Kranjská Gora

In addition to stockpiling, we also went to the cable car and bobsled track in Kranjská Gora. When the kids are a little bigger, we have to try downhill biking.


Culinary tips in the area

Picerija Maraton

You can get here on a bike path from the campsite towards Kranjska Gora. There is a nice hidden garden next to the bike path. Delicious pizza and chevapi and salad. The staff is authentic and actually quite nice, they just don't understand you very well, so sometimes they get something wrong. If you rise above it, you will get great food for very decent money and in a pleasant environment. I'd go to town for ice cream. There will usually be a free table.


A nice place to cook well. It's a stone's throw from the camp. Usually it's full but it wants a reservation.

Kavarna - Slaščičarna "Charlie" Mitja Košir s.p.

If you like coffee and ice cream, you can enjoy a café named after Charlie Chaplin. They also have cute ice cream sundaes.


Planika Bakery– Borovška cesta, Kranjska Gora -

Delicious burqas with cheese, meat or spinach and donuts. Here you can buy the perfect snack for a trip. Do you want to bake burqas now? Take a look at our recipe.


Supermarket Borovška cesta, Kranjska Gora - here you can buy all the basic ingredients and it is right next to the bakery

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