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Slovenia - River Camping Bled

River Camping Bled is located on a small, cute peninsula, washed by the turquoise blue Sava River. River Camping Bled invites you to visit campers who love nature and adventure, but also want to enjoy the comfort of the main hiking trails. The campsite has a beautiful natural beach on the river, the campsite is surrounded by forests and provides a magnificent view of the mountain slopes. The camp is located at the foot of the Karavanke limestone mountains. The glacial lake Bled is a stone's throw away. And the town of the same name is only a 10-minute bike ride away. The camp provides plenty of opportunities to relax - from skating, children's biking, scooters or skateboarding to an outdoor swimming pool and even a pump track. Everything is brand new and beautifully maintained. The people who work at the camp are skilful and friendly. They create a beautiful atmosphere and also speak perfect English.

About the camp

The purpose of the camp is to provide visitors with an authentic camping experience and at the same time to supplement nature in connection with nature with modern and comfortable facilities.

The architects designed the camp based on the needs of the guests, thinking of every detail. That's why everything you need when camping works as it should and it's easily accessible. You probably won't be surprised that you'll fall in love here and want to go back as much as we do. The camp as a whole is brand new, so all the facilities are modern and beautiful.

The individual camping sites are large enough to hold a total of 100 places. You can choose a place by the pool, in a pine grove or in the open air in the open air with views of the surrounding mountains. From a practical point of view, there are two camping options available - private habitats and a common meadow for free camping. Private sites have two sizes - about 80-90m2 (Deluxe) or even larger sites 100-120m2 (Premium Deluxe) - suitable especially for caravans and motor homes. It is possible to connect to electricity (16Amp) and water. Premium Deluxe also allows a sewer connection to the caravan. The undeveloped part for camping is great not only for family tents. It provides the same camping experience that our parents had - and how camps have always been. Close to other people and yet with plenty of space around. You can also get a paid electricity connection on request.

Quality lawns and spacious paths allowing safe passage even for larger caravans is a matter of course. The camp has an extremely well-designed website, where you can find clear information.

All data and information can be found here:

Camping equipment

The camp is very well equipped, at the same time sensitive with respect to the surrounding beautiful nature. In addition to great facilities and sports facilities, there is a quality restaurant with a varied menu, including vegetarian and vegan specialties. Wi-Fi coverage is available throughout the campsite.

Všude jsou přípojky na elektřinu, vodu a odpad.

Camp facilities

Sanitary buildings are located in the center of the camp, so it is close to all places. The equipment of bathrooms and toilets is modern, in a high, almost hotel standard. Great emphasis is placed on perfect cleanliness and hygiene. The equipment includes children's toilets and changing rooms. Guests wishing to have their own washroom can rent it for a fee. It doesn't have to be debauchery, if you have a bigger family, it can be very enjoyable for you. The background is spacious enough with good capacity. In addition to showers, there is also a dishwasher, laundry and other camp equipment freely accessible.

Activities for children:

When the weather is sunny, you and the children will enjoy the modern outdoor pool. If the weather is extremely nice and you have older children who can swim, you can go rafting on them on the Sava River. However, the camp itself provides beautiful asphalt for skating, scootering or cycling. For children, there is a large playground and a pump track, so not taking a small branch with you on a bike trip would probably be a mistake.


The most beautiful trips and tips in the area

The place invites to mountain biking and hiking, including mountain hiking, water sports, climbing or horseback riding. In this case, they also remember the excursionists on the campsite's website. And because Slovenian colleagues are at home in Bled, we decided to add only their link here and add some nice photos:

Vintgar Gorge

There is a charge for entry to the one-way gorge, but it is definitely worth it. On the way back there are beautiful views,

Dinopark at the campsite

If you have smaller children, you should not miss Dinopark. Don't expect technical excellence, but fun. There is also a 3D cinema inside.

Take the cableway to the top of Vogel

If you like historic cable cars, we highly recommend it, or you can run upstairs with older children on your own. You will be rewarded with a wonderful view.

Planina Planica

The place is at the crossroads of hiking and biking trails. The Geocentrum is located near the Møns Klint campsite. It is located near the chalk cliffs. The museum was opened in 2007 by Queen Margrethe.

Roblekov dom on Begunjščici


Trupejeho Poldne



Culinary tips in the area

Tavci Vegan Cafe

Not just a vegan cafe next door. We recommend a tour!

Public & Vegan Kitchen Bled


Mega Burger Bled

Great burgers from fresh ingredients and homemade pancakes in Bled -


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